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The best drum filters
We know from experience what a time consuming chore it is to remove or replace the drum or the filtering panels of a conventional drum filter. Realising big improvements could be made, we designed a system that allows the entire drum to be removed from the casing within two minutes, so you can modify it (to create extra throughput, for example) or replace the filtering panels on the drum. This really is the ultimate solution!


AEM-Products Service

Service is very important to us. As koi pound enthusiasts, we know how frustrating it can be when you have to wait a long time for spare parts to be delivered. This is why we strive for a quick return time: when we receive defective parts, the replacement parts will usually be shipped back the same day.To assure this, we make sure that we always have all spare parts for all our devices on stock. If a defective part cannot be fixed quickly enough to be sent back the same day, we will gladly send back a brand new part.

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