AEM-B65 Pro

Gravity / pump fed
Standard input possible 10x110 mm
Used materials, PP, Stainles steel / 316/304, FPM seal, high pressure PVC, silicone seal
Specify flow: 65 m3
Diameter drum 50x80 cm
Gearbox 60Nm,
Motor seal, seal for a higher water level in the drum.
Screening Panels 70 micron stainless steel 316
High pressure pump 4.2 bar
Flat jet nozzles, based on the pressure of the high pressure pump and flow
Control box IP 44
Manual control puch button
Adjustable level measuring pins
Min. level detection / notification
Min. monitoring
Waste collector quick assembly
Spay bar quick assembly, high-pressure PVC 40bar
Quick assembly drum
All components: modules, quickly changeable

Dimensions: 113x60x60cm (total length 133cm incl. waste collector)

GE inspection

2 year warranty on all parts (ex. screen elements)

Price € 3675,-

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